A Tale Of Spring Grouse in Northern Wisconsin

Hey folks …. spring has indeed arrived here in northern Wisconsin with turkeys gobbling, ruffed grouse drumming, loons making noise at all times of the day … and our sharp tailed grouse dancing on their leks!

spring grouse
Photo by Larry Dau

I ran across a female ruffed grouse while on a walk one day and she had just laid her first egg. I was able to return to the nest, place a trail cam and follow her ups and downs as she continued to lay an egg or so a day until she had completed her clutch … at that time she was on the nest full time, that is up to May 18th when a wise old raven found her nest and made a breakfast of all her hard work. It is a sad story but one that unfolds daily in the cruel and wondrous real world of nature.

I have also included a couple of incredible photos from May 10th and the awesome northern lights show that we experienced ….
Northern Lights 1
Maybe you too were able to see how amazing the show was? If so, please leave a comment in the comment section below … I’d love to hear from you.
Northern Lights 2
Lastly, a great local photographer, Larry Dau, took several of the very best sharp tailed grouse pictures I have ever seen. The sharpies start their dancing on three different leks here on the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area in April and it is quite the show! If you are interested you can contact the Friends of the Namekagon Barrens for more info on visiting the Barrens or reserving one of the 3 blinds set up for viewing … I think it would be a mind blowing experience.

Hope your spring is going well and you are catching lots of fish …. I will catch you next time on the water.

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