Twin Troller X10 (Part 1)

OK….so I recently purchased a new boat for myself. Yes…I love my float tube and still think it is the single best way to fish small waters but in the winter I can only last about 2 hours maximum in the cold water and I was also looking for a way to fish larger water…to cover more surface area; lastly I was in search of a way to go north and fish Muskies or possibly south and fish for a tarpon and I have found just the boat. The Twin Troller X10 is quite possibly the best small boat ever built!

Oddly enough I was watching a Ford’s Fishing Frontier show a few weeks back and there was one of the fly fishing icons…Flip Pallot and he was fishing a small lake in North Carolina from a boat that immediately intrigued me. I watched as Flip fly fished and maneuvered his boat in and out of Cypress trees…catching large bluegill and bass; never once did he have to stop, turn on the trolling motor, reach back or even look uncomfortable. Jeff in Twin Troller X10 fishing boat, ruby redI had the show DVR’d and watched it slowly and stopped it on two parts; one said Carolina Electric Boats and the other said Twin Troller X-10. The next phase found me Googling these two things and the rest as they say…is history.

I called Frank Jones, the owner of Freedom Electric Marine and the maker of the twin troller and we discussed several items that I was curious about. Frank was more than polite and was a person that I could tell really knew what he was doing and more important was confident in his product. We finalized the deal and made plans for me to pick the boat up in Madison, Indiana! The boat is a molded resin and made and put together in Madison….and that would save me shipping, even better!

I have to add one more asset for Freedom Electric was Debbie who I dealt with on various occasions; she was the person behind the scenes that had all the answers and I might add that her Carolina accent was a hoot. From start to finish it was a pleasure dealing with Frank and the folks at Freedom Electric.

OK…so now let’s talk about the boat. First off, it is a zero turn boat. Think of it like your lawn mower…the boat has a set of foot pedals and the right pedal controls the right trolling motor (36 lb. thrust) the left pedal controls the left trolling motor (also a 36lb. thrust). If you push forward on the pedals the boat goes forward…push down with your heels and the boat goes full speed backwards. The cool part is by pushing down with the left heel and forward with the right toe you can spin in a tight circle to the left. Obviously then the opposite pattern with your feet and you will circle to the right. Not only is it a fun maneuver but highly functional when trying to negotiate in and around trees, blow downs, banks, etc…

The boat, being made of a plastic resin is as stable as any boat. I recently found out how stable as earlier this April I was fishing with Vickie in Black Cat. She was on her kayak and I was cast my 8 wt. rod for bass. I lifted my right foot while standing…to relieve the line from under my foot…at that moment a wind gust caught the boat and I fell backwards on the edge of the boat; luckily I didn’t break my other fly rod when I landed on the edge. I was hovering with my butt over the edge and back over the water…but the boat didn’t budge and I was able to right myself and in seconds was back to fishing! The Twin Troller is actually classified as a pontoon due to two hulls that fill up with water and help give even more stability to the boat.Bass Caught In Twin Troller X10 Recessed within these hulls is the pair of trolling motors and when covered with a sturdy grill…the boat can move in as little as 6 to 8 inches of water and flow over virtually any obstacle; as evidenced by the 5.7lb. bass I caught in early April in very shallow water. I eased the boat up into an area that was full of plant life and casted a popper into a small bay that drains into a creek. This big bass followed and then slurped in my popper and I knew that few if any boats would have allowed me to get so close as quietly as I did.

The boat also has an ingenious seating system with a sliding rail that allows you slide one or both of the seats forward or backwards to any point along the boat. The seats swivel 360 degrees and are very soft and comfortable. I have to admit that I don’t use my seat much while fishing and I bought the boat to fly fish from…the stability allows you to stand and cast without much worry. I have had dad out a couple times and he has noted how comfortable the boat is on his 80 year old frame.

So…come back next week and check in with me as I give you more insight into this revolutionary boat, including my new outboard motor and other strengths and comforts of the boat. If you have been looking for a new way to fish smaller waters, lakes, rivers and even some larger bodies of water…then the X-10 may just be the boat for you.

You can check out the video I made about the Twin Troller here on our site or some videos of the boat in action on the Twin Troller YouTube channel.

I am sure you will find that this boat will make your days afield more pleasurable as we all Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

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    • steve
    • March 28, 2017

    Looking to buy one used owner says the controller is bad where does one go to research parts? Thanks

      • FlyTech
      • March 28, 2017

      Go to the manufacturer’s web site …

    • Ed Rose
    • April 25, 2017

    This is what I’ve been looking for but would need larger motors on it for fishing edges of rivers (stronger currents).

    • Bryon Anderson
    • August 8, 2018

    Hi Jeff — I was just checking out the Twin Troller on the manufacturer’s website and thinking, “Okay, well, I’ve found my next boat!” I saw the link to your blog entry and that sealed the deal in my mind. 🙂 This thing looks like just the ticket for the kind of fishing I do.
    BTW we still need to get together to fish — lots of good weather left still!

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