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Welcome to 2020…wow that sounds a bit odd and makes me feel a bit old? Things here at FFWJ are going well and I am back on my feet…both of them! Thanks to all of you who have emailed, etc…and were concerned. I learned a little lesson with the cutting of wood and logs and hopefully won’t create the same kind of situation again.

At the writing of this entry, my wife Vickie and I are sitting in Charleston, SC. We loaded up our camper and left Christmas day and I guess we became ‘snow-birds’ of sorts. Anyway…as I sit beside our camper, it is hot…76 degree. Always hard for me to believe how good the weather can be just a few short hours away.

Flymen logoSo…to the meat of this entry; I have been keeping an eye on a fly-tying company…Flymen Fishing Co. for the past few months…maybe you have as well…heck, maybe you have even ordered and tried a few of their incredibly lifelike creations. It being the day after Christmas I took a look once again and saw that they were have a nice sale on this day only…and ordered a few flies; gave them a call at the shop and asked if I could stop by and pick up the flies, and meet and greet with the staff…the guys couldn’t have been nicer (even returned my shipping fee) and the next morning I cruised the five miles towards Charleston and paid them a visit.

Let me just state up front…some fly shops and their environs are pure snobs! They do the fly fishing game an injustice and through the years have frustrated me a bit…OK, a lot! However…these three guys pictured below were the exact opposite and kudos to them for welcoming in a fly-guy from southern Indiana (of all places). They showed me around their operation and then we took some time to do what experienced fly-guys do…talk about fly fishing! I enjoyed myself immensely and unlike some other stops, felt like Martin and the guys were truly interested in my pursuits!

The founder and CEO of the company is a South-African named Martin Bawden and along with having an incredible cool accent…was a guy who knew fly fishing and the industry. He told me a bit about the history of the company and their affiliation with Blane Chocklett; if you don’t know who Blane is then this is the time to google him and start to pay attention because his fly patterns, streamers in particular…are nothing short of incredible.

fly guys from Flymen Fishing CompanyMartin also shared the spotlight (in the photo) with Captain Justin Ravenel (on the right of Martin, center). Justin is…as they say, ‘the man’ in this area when it comes to all things saltwater fly fishing. He can be reached at If in the Charleston area…for sure, give Justin a shout out and have him hook you up with a big bull redfish!

If you haven’t or aren’t familiar with Flymen Fishing Co. and their flies…go online at and take a look. I purchased a few flies and in the near future will be sharing some pics of the flies along with some ideas on how to fish these ‘gems’ for smallmouth and trout. So, as the say…stay posted and let’s all get ready for an incredible fly fishing year in 2020.

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    • Kevin
    • January 3, 2020

    Hi Jeff,glad to hear your doing well. Just like to say the fly men co was the first company that I made any purchases from in my recent pursuit of fly tying and I have to agree with you. I was very pleased with their service. Also just a question for you. I’m looking at purchasing a pair of waders to use with my float tube and with so many choices out there I’m a little confused. Do you recommend a certain wader that you have experience with? Thanks for your articles … looking for to more in the future. Kevin.

    • Jeff
    • January 3, 2020

    That’s a great question; I wish I could get one of the wader companies to give me their ear…I have an idea for a float tube wader….but alas I regress….to your question. I wet wade, wet float….whenever I can. I just wear a pair of lightweight fishing pants. When it’s hit you can keep cool that way. However, when it’s cold I like cheap 3 or 5mm neoprene waders…you can pick a pair up for easily under a hundred bucks and they’re durable! Here’s the real trick; buy a cheap pair of neoprene diving boots to fit over the waders, thus you don’t injure the waders getting to and from the water…and my kick fins slip right over the top! You can even carry along a pair of wading boots if you decide to stop, pull over….and walk some (might sound odd but occasionally I do to sneak up on twitchy fish). Hope this helps….

    • Kevin Kidwell
    • January 8, 2020

    Hi Jeff, the diving boots sound like an excellent idea. I will definitely check into them. I also really enjoyed your video on trout fishing the airline pit. I’ve fished it a few times for bluegill but never trout. I was wanting to last year but couldn’t find info on the release dates. Looking forward to attempting it again this year. As always love your videos and keep up the good work!

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