The Perfect Time for a Float Tube

If you are one of the many that has contacted me over the past few months in regards to float tube fishing…there is no better time than right now to act. The folks at The Creek Company have a new run of float tubes that will be ready for shipment on April 15th; I know you have your taxes done and what a better use of a few hundred dollars than the purchase of a float tube?

If you go to and use the code Jeff15 you will save 15% off your purchase of a new ODC 420 Ultralight! Let me tell you a bit about the new ODC 420 float tubes; first off the valve system is new and improved. In the ‘old-days’ you had to unzip and go within the pockets of the tube to get to a valve and that meant that anything in the pockets usually had to come out as well. Nope, not with today’s 420. The valves are located on the outside of the tube towards the back or point and can be accessed easily to add a couple of pounds or even remove a little pressure at the end of the day. Folks, it simply doesn’t get any easier or better than the new and current valve system…trust me please, you will love it.
Jeff in Regular ODC 420Here is another thought…maybe you have a regular ODC 420 but are planning on doing some summer fishing in or on a secluded lake that is a few miles off the beaten trail. The answer to your issue would be the ODC 420 Ultralight. The Ultralight packs down to the very minimum, heck, even the seats can be pulled, deflated and packed up neatly. Once you get to your destination then you can in a matter of minutes unpack and using a small hand pump, inflate your tube; off you go into one of those hard to reach mountain west, alpine lakes…cutties and bows won’t know what hit them!

If you are indeed one of the many sitting on the edge, wondering what it would be like to have access to small bodies of water…what are you waiting for. The 420 has a dual bladder system and is as safe and secure as any tube can be. I can’t tell you the number of times each year that I am able to slip in to small secluded lakes and really have an incredible day…and all because of the very creative tube.
Fall Fishing in ODC 420 Float TubeLastly, as a fly fisherman…there isn’t anything as functional. I am a rightie; with my left shoulder to the edge of the lake I am able to fly casts, fish and catch as I travel backwards. I can speed up, slow down and turn 360 degrees and anything in between…and all on a moment’s notice. In fact there have been a number of times when I have hooked and then landed a large fish all because I can lean hard, kick hard and pull the fish towards the middle of the lake and away from trouble. Try that in a canoe or kayak…it just isn’t happening.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me and lots of others who already know the freedom that a Creek Company ODC 420 float tube can provide. There is no better time…and you can save 15% (on the ultra-light). And….I might add that the 15% is off of their sale price! Tell em’ fly fishing with Jeff sent you …

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    • Simeon
    • April 11, 2017

    Out of stock.

    1. Reply

      The new run of 420 ultra lights won’t be available until April 15th….so, try again then…


    • Doug
    • January 13, 2018

    Hi Jeff- I live a few miles off the St Croix River. Are float tubes safe to float down the upper Croix? I often float it on a kayak and do go through some moderately swift water…curious what you think? Thanks and great site!

    1. Reply

      Float tubes are meant for still water…or at the least, slow moving waters. At the right time, low flows…probably you could use a tube in certain stretches….however that is exactly what the bigger tubes, I refer to mine as a float boat instead of a float tube, is really used for. I fish from a Creek Company version called the Voyager and frankly this float boat is perfect for the St. Croix or other streams like it. The Voyager is also perfect for moving ahead on the stream or for moving from side to side to get to better water. With a float tube you don’t have this maneuverability or speed.

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