Early Morning Bass On The Fly

While I am retired … I’m really not? What you say …. yes, I retired from teaching 5 years back but the past three years have found me working for the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture. 4, 10 hour days and that makes Friday morning a great opportunity for me to grab my float tube, fly rod and hit the water …. which is just what I did on this particular morning. By 5am I was kicking my way away from the small boat ramp and within a few minutes had my first bass on a popper.

I was obviously looking for a big fish and frankly, didn’t find any …. but I did find several bass who were willing to smack my pucker-lip popper. When you have the lake to yourself and there isn’t a man made sound to be heard … well, it doesn’t always matter how big the fish are!

Truly, there just isn’t anything like a float tube to navigate these small lakes and to be as stealthy as the fish themselves! I love to back into an opening among the lily pads and ‘kerplunk’ my fly down … only to see a wake and nervous water below. If you haven’t yet been out on a float tube … then what is stopping you.? As I have said many times, for under $200 you can purchase a tube and probably even the fins to go with the float tube … and off you go. In minutes you can be on the water and quietly catching fish via your fly rod. You can find a variety of float tubes and complete float tube fishing packages on Amazon, as well as other online dealers.

If you have any fly fishing questions, leave those or your comments below or contact me at flyfishingwithjeff@gmail.com and I will do my best to get back to you with a timely and helpful answer.

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