Fly Tying

Videos – Crème Wooly Bugger (Trout Candy)

How To Tie The Crème Wooly Bugger The two videos that are posted here go together…the first one is me tying the crème wooly bugger (trout candy). It is a very simple fly to tie and can be tied in various sizes….I usually tie it in 6, 8 or 10. I also make adjustments in […]

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Fly Tying – How To Tie A Lemon Shiner

This video shows you how to tie a yellow or lemon shiner. This is a fly that has evolved into a nice late fall or winter smallmouth fly. As you will see this is a brightly colored fly and that is key late in the season when the fish move to deeper pools. It also […]

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Video – How To Tie A Non Slip Mono Knot

There are some types of knots that are very important to know how to tie, especially if you tie flies and make your own baitfish patterns. I use it when tying the deadhead minnow pattern to my tippet. It’s a very strong knot that is a ‘must have’ in your knot tying repertoire. It’s actually […]

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Video – How To Tie A Perfection Loop Knot

Knowing how to tie a knot correctly can make the difference between a successful day of fishing or “knot”, pun intended! In this video I’ll show you how to tie what’s called a “Perfection Loop”. This knot is one that I use to attach leader to tippet and even sections of tippet to tippet. It […]

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How To Make Your Own Brushes For Fly Tying

This video will show you how to make your own brushes for various flies … but especially for the deadhead minnow and the deadhead crayfish pattern that are both here on the website. Getting the brush right will take some time and a little work but in the end you can make your own brushes […]

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Video – How To Tie A Deadhead Minnow

The video you are about to watch is of me tying a deadhead minnow. I have taken this technology from Casey Smartt and changed the color patterns a bit to match our waters here in southern Indiana. You can either buy the brush pre-made or watch other videos on how to make a brush….but you […]

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