Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Series of articles written by Jeff that have been published in his local newspaper.

Spiders and Pickle Jars

I have known for some time that a guy’s real value is at times….much less than he thinks it is.  I am a realist and truly believe that almost everyone has a higher opinion of themselves than is actuality.  I see this often in the education wing and for sure the fish that I don’t […]

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My Big Bass

Sunday, April 17th started out like many other Sunday’s as we made our way to church and did a little shopping for the week on the way home; all this knowing that I was on a timeline and would be meeting Frank Terkhorn at my parent’s house prior to going fishing for a while. By […]

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Island Pit Lake, Indiana Trout Fishing From a Float Tube

OK….I know trout, trout, trout…land one and you will quickly know why they are such a sought after species and frankly they are “delicioso” on the table; no wonder why I go to lengths to put myself in and around these little marvels of nature. This past weekend was just such a case; I left […]

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My Fly Fishing Farm Pond Slam

This past weekend was one great fishing weekend. Soon after school was over on Friday, Jonas and I sped away, camper in tow, to the Narrow Lake campground in the Greene-Sullivan State Forest. We parked the camper and drove the few miles to Island Pit, in the Minnehaha FWA. We were in search of rainbow […]

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Fly Fishing 101 (Part 2)

In Fly Fishing 101 (Part 1) we discussed the ‘big’ items of a rod, reel, backing and line and this week we are going to finish the deal; this week we will discuss leaders, tippets, flies and miscellaneous equipment. I hope that you will use this information, either now, or later, to buy or to […]

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Fly Fishing 101 (Part 1)

I am not sure how best to describe fly fishing…is it art or science? I think that on its best day it is a little of both. What I do know is that it is a form of fishing that I can’t get enough of and find myself longing for the next opportunity, the next […]

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