Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Series of articles written by Jeff that have been published in his local newspaper.

A Walk With Dad

I am not one who easily misses or overstates the obvious….I am a lucky man. I was reared by two good, caring and wise people. Through the years my mom and dad have placed in me a few of their many qualities and the love for the outdoors is one of them. I love the […]

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I’m Still A Guy

Technology is a cool thing. I didn’t think that I would be as dependent on the technology of today as I am. In some ways I wish I weren’t…then there are times that it is pretty cool. I recently had a birthday, #49, and decided I would like to have one of these cool I-pods […]

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Micropterus dolomieu (Small Mouth Bass)

Just in case you think that I have or I am writing about a disease….think again as this is the scientific name for the smallmouth bass. Micropterus means small fin and I would have thought that stood for smallmouth; the second part is named after a French Mineralogists with the last name of Dolomieu. I […]

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My Big Bass II

Rarely does lightning strike twice in the same place and even more rare is a strike to the same person…even though I understand there was a park ranger in Yosemite that was officially hit by lightning 7 times….and survived them all. But lightning did strike the second time on Memorial Day as my friend Frank […]

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Small Stream Smallies

Back in 2010, I had a great day fishing for small mouth bass in some creeks I decided to re-visit recently. I made my return to the same holes where once again I had a great experience, finding several fish…and one great big bruiser that snatched my streamer after breaking me off. There is just […]

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Spring Fishing Is In Full Fury

If you haven’t made it out yet to your favorite fishing hole….GET GOING!!! The fishing this spring, though it has been wet, has been excellent and may be peaking out right now. So are the bugs and no matter what you have been doing you have had to tolerate the biting gnats that are so […]

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