Video – Twin Troller X10 Fishing Boat

NOTE: Because I prefer to fly fish in my float tube, I no longer own the Twin Troller that I reviewed in the video. All of my comments about the boat still apply and if you prefer a boat rather than a float tube, the Twin Troller is a good choice for you.

The video you are about to watch was shot from within the new Twin Troller X-10. As you can see the boat is controlled by a pair of foot pedals. The right pedal controls the right 36 pound thrust trolling motor and the left pedal controls the left trolling motor…also 36 pound thrust. So…full throttle forward or full throttle reverse…the boat has a lot of power. The seats slide on a channel that allows you to move those very easily from front to the back of the boat. Lastly the stability of the boat is fantastic and I don’t believe you could turn it over….a very nice thing while fly fishing. This is a top notch fishing vessel…you will be happy with the Twin Troller.

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    • Randy
    • June 29, 2015

    Nice video do you still have/use the twin troller? Do you have any more pics
    Or videos of it or you using the boat ? I have been looking at it for 3 years
    I spent a thousand bucks on a kayak but I don’t think it is for getting
    Ready to pull the trigger on it I guess I will need the Honda for shure
    I think I will try to rig it up spider rig for crappie with a nice fish finder

    1. Reply

      I have sold the twin troller. I love fishing from float tubes so much that I just didn’t find much time to use it. The Twin Troller is an excellent product….I have had zero regrets….but just as I said, don’t get a chance to use it as I’d rather be fly fishing from a float tube.


    • Joe
    • March 2, 2020

    I am thinking about buying a twin troller. I am planning to use it fly fishing out west in flowing shallow rivers and. Tail race rivers in North Georgia. I know that with the 2.3 Honda it will not navigate against the generating current, but was hoping it will move upstream against normal flows as to be able to fish back to the landing before generation. Will this boat handle a 5 hp Honda to push against normal flow. Thank you for any information on this subject.

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