Match the Hatch for Streamers

Welcome back to another video with FlyFishingWithJeff. You hear the term ‘match the hatch’ thrown around …. a lot. Mostly, it is used in dry fly fishing for trout and the many hatches of insects/bugs that come off each year. The match the hatch mindset can also be very effective when streamer fishing. In this video I will tie two flies for you; a jig headed baitfish and a cicada. Both of these flies do in fact match the hatch and if given the right presentation … can be seriously productive.

Our first fly, a minnow pattern, uses some technology from the bait casting world; you will need to find VMC’s Neon Moon Eye Jigs in 1/16 or even as large as 1/8. If you choose to you can go to and search for these jigs and use them to tie your own baitfish imitation. You will find that you can work a jig fly a bit differently than a standard fly … you can allow the fly to ‘bottom-bounce’ since the fly rides hook point up. You can also allow this fly to dive deep in pools to flesh out those big smallmouth and even an occasional walleye.
Monnow Pattern & Cicada Pattern Flies
The second fly is a simple cicada imitation that might just find you locked up with about any type of fish in your local waters. In a video I shot a few years back during a mid-term cicada hatch … you can see that just about every type of hungry fish is going crazy over this cicada fly, as seen in this video. I like a simple tie because in my opinion the fly doesn’t have to look perfect … but have the correct silhouette from below. This particular tie is a combo of a few others I have watched; I have found that this version is easy to tie and very productive.

So, match the hatch when you can and you will find the fish are eager to help you out and make your day fishing the best ever. Remember that you can email me directly through my email at or you can also get in touch with me by leaving a note in the comment section located below. I will do my best to accurately and quickly answer your questions.

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