Fly Fishing Topwater for Badger State Smallies

The water levels up here in NW Wisconsin have fallen to all time lows and frankly we are headed for some tough times if we don’t get some of the rain that most other parts of the country is getting … too much in fact! I decided to take a run down one of the smaller and less boulder strewn rivers in search of some Badger state smallies (smallmouth bass).

With the water levels being so low I used my 7 wt. rod with floating line and a black boogle popper. Any shady area with overhanging limbs had fish … and they were eager to get in on any meal that looked like a cicada, dragon fly or damsel fly.

My trip down the river took almost 4 hours when I usually can do the run in around two hours … as there was a lot of walking, dragging and butt scooting going on. The scenery was still awesome and wildlife abounded as I fished below an eagle for a good half hour. Towards the end of the video you can see a beaver that swims right by my boat on his way out for his ‘night-shift’. I also had a set of black bear prints that cruised right down a sand bar at one point. You have to love the nature that is in good smallmouth bass country.

If you have a spot with good smallmouth numbers … then we are now in the right time of the summer to tie on a popper, cricket or grasshopper imitation and take in some of the very hot action.

Remember to send any questions to me via email at or by using the comment section at the bottom of this entry. Have a great summer and get out and get looking for those topwater opportunities.

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