Fly Fishing for Brookies on Memorial Day Weekend

What an incredible day …. in all my years fly fishing all over this great country, I am not sure I have enjoyed a day more than I did this one when I went fly fishing for brookies. And to think it was all literally in my backyard, wow!

I take my kayak and paddle upstream to where the water narrows and various hiding places start to appear for beautiful and hungry brook trout. I will show you my fly fishing travel pack that I keep with me at all times …. along with a 6 piece, break down rod that turns into a very nice outfit for occasions just like this.

The wildlife here in our part of Wisconsin is nothing short of incredible and at the very end of the video (posted below) you will see that I have an up close encounter with a big and hearty beaver … pretty cool for sure.

To find these native brookies all hunkered in very small, bathtub sized low spots … then present a bitch creek nymph …. is special for sure! I will say that on the day I spooked as many as I caught and probably it would be a better day to fish for these guys earlier or later in the day.

If you have any fly fishing questions you can go to the comment section below or email me at and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible with a reasonable answer ….. thanks for checking in today.

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    • J Morgan
    • June 1, 2022

    Beautiful video, would love to visit😄

  1. Reply

    Of all the people out there….you have a full time invite…..

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